#CellGames, a #DragonBallFighterZ circuit, kicks off on April 7th!

On April 7th, StreamMe is coming to DragonBall FighterZ with a brand-new online circuit known as Cell Games!

We initially planned to start Cell Games back in February, but matchmaking issues revolving around the Ring Match feature prompted us to postpone the series for two months. Now that these issues have finally been resolved, we're ready to proceed with the league's first bracket!

If you'd previously signed up before we delayed the series, fret not: your registration is still in effect and you do not need to renew it. For those who have yet to sign up, please visit smash.gg/tournament/cellgames-week-1.

It must be noted that like with our previous FGC circuits, Cell Games will be restricted to North American participants only. That said, players of all ages are welcome to compete, although those who are underage will require parental assistance in the event that they should win any cash prizes from brackets in Cell Games. In addition, we are hosting this event online via the Playstation 4 console.

So what is Cell Games? For up to eight weeks, players can compete online in DragonBall FighterZ for league points that will be distributed to the Top 32. These points will ultimately determine the top eight players that will progress to the Season Finale. In addition, portions of a $5,000 prize pool will be distributed throughout each week, with the biggest share naturally coming up in the finale. See below to learn how league points and cash prizes will be distributed in our weekly brackets.

First Place: $150 and 150 points
Second Place: $75 and 125 points
Third Place: $50 and 100 points
Fourth Place: 75 points
Fifth through Eighth Place: 50 points
Ninth through Sixteenth Place: 30 points
Seventh through Thirty-Second Place: 15 points

Brackets will take place every Saturday, barring occasions where we take time off for holiday breaks. Players will play through the preliminaries until only eight remain, in which case they will proceed to a finals bracket that will take place on Tuesday.

All brackets will be broadcast live via www.stream.me/dbz. Please follow the channel and enable your email notifications so you don't miss out! Casters will be @MisterAquaman and @ultradavid!

If you wish to stream your own matches, you may do so by making an account at www.stream.me. You cannot use any other service to broadcast your matches - doing so will result in an automatic DQ from the bracket.

Due to the delay in launching Cell Games, we are in the process of outlining a complete schedule for future brackets. Updates will be provided via @StreamMe and @StreamMeBlog, so be sure to check back often!

Once again, our first bracket is set for April 7th. Are you ready to prove your worth as the strongest Z Fighter?! We look forward to seeing you in the arena!

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