Season Finale for Devastation: Road to Vegas set for tomorrow at 5 Eastern Time

After four weeks of heated competition, we are preparing to host the Season Finale for Devastation: Road to Vegas, our Gears of War 4 competitive series!

Throughout the month of March, eight teams have participated in a series of team battles against one another. All of them shared the same goal: to climb to the higher half of the rankings and defend their position there. Win/loss ratios would be the deciding factor in which crews would pull ahead and which would fall behind.

It's been an incredible pleasure to watch all eight teams pour every fiber of their being into their matches, as this has resulted in one memorable match after another. And now, with all of the weekly brackets behind us, we have locked in the four teams advancing to the finale:

- Echo Fox (6 - 1)
- World Best (4 - 3)
- eUnited (5 - 2)
- Ghost Gaming (3 - 4)

Congratulations to all four of these crews for qualifying for the finale! They will rejoin us tomorrow at 5 P.M. Eastern Time to throw down for bragging rights and a prize pool of $2,000, which will be distributed across the Top 3! Payout scale is as follows:

First Place: $1,250
Second Place: $500
Third Place: $250

The conclusion to Road to Vegas will unfold at Be sure you are following the channel and your email notifications are enabled, because you won't want to miss out on this finale!

Thanks go out to @DeluxeHaas, creator of the Gears of War Community Series, for partnering with us to deliver this unique experience to Gears enthusiasts everywhere!

Want to catch up on all four weeks of the series? You can find our archives at our YouTube page and at the archives for our Gears channel!

Who will reach the end of the Road of Vegas?! Stay tuned...

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