In case you missed it, we finalized our Week 10 finals last night! Read on to learn who survived the Sunday preliminaries to qualify for the Wednesday finals.

In place of HoneyBee, Beast Coast’s Biohazard makes a glorious return to Top 8 from the Winner’s side to take on Noble Tweedy. Joining them is Emperor Kombat, who finally has the advantage of starting from the upper bracket, but his opponent is a former comrade who once shared the Emperor tag: HZRDS Knicks. It will truly be a clash of rulers to determine who reigns supreme.

Tweedy’s teammates, Rewind and Semiij, have encountered difficulties during their matches in preliminaries, ones that resulted in their trip to the lower bracket. We can thank Biohazard and Emperor Kombat for this turn of events. However, they survived long enough to break into Top 8, where they will face off against MCG TitaniumTigerzz and Coalition’s Nubcakes.

Semiij currently holds a hefty win streak this season. Will it finally be shattered this Wednesday, or will he reclaim his throne by sheer force of will? Also, note how he and Rewind are beginning their run from the Loser’s side…this being the case, we can say without a doubt that we will see a different match-up in Winner’s Finals. The last time this occurred was when Tweedy faced Semiij in Week 8’s Winner’s Finals while Rewind sought to survive the lower bracket, but this time, they could potentially eliminate one another earlier than usual in Loser’s Semis.

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Congrats to this week's #WarOfTheGods #Injustice2 Top 8!

Action resumes Wednesday 8PM EST on http://Stream.Me/War @EMPEROR_KOMBAT @KNICKS_FGC @BiohazardCMNDR @Noble_Tweedy @Semiij @Titaniumtigerzz @RewindFGC @Omg_Nubcakes

9:58 PM - Mar 4, 2018

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Congratulations to our eight finalists for qualifying! Tune in this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time to see who will emerge victorious! The channel to watch is the same as before:

At this time, we do not have an archive to provide for the Week 10 preliminaries, but once it is available, this post will be updated! Check back at our YouTube and StreamMe pages for when they come up.

In the meantime, sign up now for Week 11 to grab those league points while you can, because after this week’s finals…we’ll be down to only two weeks for Season 2. That means that depending on your current ranking, your hopes of making it into the season finale could be diminishing quickly. Practice up so you can keep yourself in the game!

Week 11 will take place this Sunday at 6 P.M. Eastern Time. Week 12 will follow next Sunday.

Side-note: for those anticipating our DragonBall FighterZ series called “Cell Games,” that is still on hiatus due to matchmaking issues with the game. However, we are anticipating that the next patch coming up this month will resolve those issues. For more information, please see this article.

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