.#H1Z1 is now FREE TO PLAY on Steam

You've read the title correctly. As of this morning, H1Z1 will no longer come with a price tag. Players will be able to download the game via Steam...for free!

Designed as a fast-paced battle royale shooter, H1Z1 catapults players into a battleground where they must search for weapons and supplies in order to combat the enemy while ensuring their own survival. Players can fight solo or alongside teams of five players in a variety of gameplay modes online and offline.

H1Z1 was in a beta phase for up to three years, but players were given early access in order to test out the product while adding to their enjoyment. It quickly attracted recognition as one of the most popular esports titles known today. In fact, to coincide with the game's transition to a free-to-play product, Twin Galaxies and Daybreak Games partnered with Caesar's Entertainment to launch an inaugural season for the H1Z1 Pro League, which kicks off in Las Vegas on April 21st.

Development for the console versions of H1Z1 was put on hold near the end of 2016 in order to focus on the Windows version, which officially released on February 28th. Now that it's finally out, console players are awaiting release dates for the PS4 and XB1 versions. We will update you when that information surfaces.

But although the base game was made free to play, the downloadable content for H1Z1 still has price tags attached. Three Battle Royale packs - one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze - were added to the game as of today. Each package comes with a variety of item crates and alternate skins for players' user characters. Prices for the packs are as follows:

- Bronze Battle Royale Pack: $19.99
- Silver Battle Royale Pack: $49.99
- Gold Battle Royale Pack: $99.99

PC players are encouraged to visit H1Z1's Steam page right now and download the game! If you have already purchased the product, you will have an H1Z1 Appreciation Pack waiting for you upon your next login. This new pack also comes with additional accessories.

Source: www.h1z1.com

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