Team @pridestarkgg welcomes their next #DragonBallFighterZ player, @NicoMakiDBZ

Last week, PrideStark welcomed Jerrod "SurgingStorm" Shoffner to their fighting game team as a DragonBall FighterZ player. This week, they are adding in another DBFZ specialist who has previously dabbled in the Guilty Gear franchise: NicoMaki!

NicoMaki is a known player from New Jersey who regularly attends local events, such as Next Level Battle Circuit in Brooklyn. His previous experience in Guilty Gear proved highly valuable in his effort to adjust to the anime-style mechanics of DragonBall FighterZ, a game that has quickly found its way into the collective hearts of the fighting game community.

Nico has already found himself facing down a number of powerful adversaries, including the seemingly omniscient Dominique "SonicFox" McLean from the Echo Fox team. The result of their encounter at TSB, a tournament series featuring a portion of the anime FGC talent from the East Coast, has further fueled Nico's drive to improve upon his skills. Just last week, he finished in second place at the latest NLBC local, losing only to HookGangGod.

Due to his new position with PrideStark, Nico now has plans to travel to more tournaments this year so as to prove his worth! He joins the ranks of top-level players such as Juan "BeyondToxin" Contreras and SurgingStorm, both of whom have already achieved impressive results since their addition to the team! Congratulations to him for his new opportunity.

For more updates on PrideStark, follow their Twitter (@pridestarkgg) and website!

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