Final two players invited to Summit of Power by @BeyondTheSummit: @ApologyMan and @TSM_Leffen

Today, Beyond The Summit has revealed their final two players that they are inviting to a Dragonball-centric event called Summit of Power, where all qualified participants will compete for a $10,000 prize pool and the right to be called the best Z Fighter in the world!

Previously, the first six players invited to Summit of Power were:

- Echo Fox SonicFox
- Cyclops GO13151
- EG NYChrisG
- Cyclops Dogura
- Panda Global Nakkiel
- Kazunoko

The final two players to complete that list will be ApologyMan and Leffen, the latter of whom is representing Team SoloMid.

ApologyMan hails from the Marvel vs Capcom community as a two-time Evolution finalist for UMvC3, whereas Leffen is recognized as a Smash Melee player participating under SoloMid's banner. Both will bring their unique takes on gameplay to the table as they face off against six other established titans from the uncounted corners of the fighting game community.

However, there are still gaping holes to be filled in the lineup for Summit of Power, and these will be filled by way of qualifier events. Two of those will take place at Next Level Battle Circuit and Wednesday Night Fights tomorrow night, whereas a last chance qualifier is scheduled for Combo Breaker 2018 on the weekend of May 25-27.

Additionally, an "opt-in" is scheduled to happen in a week from now, according to the SmashGG page for Summit of Power. This could potentially herald further news concerning more qualifiers for this highly anticipated event. We recommend following that page to stay updated.

Summit of Power takes place on the weekend of June 8-10, although the location for the venue has yet to be specified at this time. Stay tuned for further news as we watch to see who else will qualify!

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