The #InjusticeProSeries returns for a second season, presented by Samsung and SIMPLE Mobile!

Since the conclusion of last year's Injustice 2 Pro Series, the NRS community has waited anxiously for news regarding a second season. Today, their patience is finally rewarded.

The big news broke just minutes ago via the official @InjusticeGame Twitter. Season 2 of the Injustice 2 Pro Series comes with an assortment of adjustments, many of which appear to have been influenced by community feedback from Season 1.

For Season 2, there has been an expansion in the number of methods players from across the globe can qualify for the Injustice 2 Pro Series finals.

Injustice 2 Pro Series Season 2 officially kicks off on May 26th at Combo Breaker 2018, which takes place at the Mega Center in Illinois. Along with Combo Breaker, other prestigious events, including Evolution 2018, have already been confirmed to be part of the Pro Series. You can click here for an updated schedule concerning all events for the Pro Series.

Like with Season 1, up to sixteen players will proceed to the finale of the Pro Series. Twelve of those finalists will qualify by way of IPS points from the United States of America, alongside four other players participating in independent events. Those events are as follows:

- Injustice 2 Liga Latina (South America)
- Injustice 2 European Program (Europe)
- Injustice 2 Elite Circuit (Canada)
- Last Chance Qualifier at Pro Series Finals

Canada's Elite Circuit is brought to you by none other than @NorthernArena, who is considered the largest esports organization in Canada. Eight players will qualify for a grand finals that will be hosted live at a WB Games booth in Toronto's Fan Expo on August 30 - September 2nd. In addition to qualifying for the IPS finals, a $10,000 CAD prize pool will be up for grabs. For more details, please visit this website.

The Liga Latina series by ESL is also making its return to Latin and South America this year. Players will compete in events held at Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Chile to determine the region's best player, who will in turn progress to the season finale.

An esports program for the Injustice 2 scene is also coming to Europe, but event details have yet to be finalized. As for the Pro Series LCQ, it will take place at the site of the Pro Series finals, which will be held once again at Los Angeles CA in October 2018.

Online events for differing portions of the USA, as well as Europe as a whole, have also been confirmed as part of the Pro Series. The western USA will participate in July, Europe in August and the eastern USA in September. Event dates and details have yet to be announced.

In addition to league points, Season 2 will have a stacked prize pool of $150,000 up for grabs! Portions of this cash pool will be distributed in increments of $10,000 to major events designated as part of the Pro Series, such as Combo Breaker, SoCal Regionals, EVO and so on.

In Season 1, Echo Fox SonicFox took home the title of the Injustice 2 Pro Series Champion. Undoubtedly he will return to defend his title in Season 2. Will he succeed in doing so, or will the crown be wrested from him by another?! Below is a look back at the IPS Season 1 finals for those who wish to do a little reminiscing!

If you want to get in on the action, now's your chance to grab a copy of Injustice 2: Legendary Edition for the Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC! The latest version of the biggest DC fighting game in years comes with all DLC characters released in the past year since the launch of the original version, along with additional content to be enjoyed by all players, including brand new Premier Skins for specific characters.

The excitement levels for esports continues to elevate in 2018, and we hope you are just as excited as we are! Be sure to follow the @InjusticeGame Twitter and our blog for updates.

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