Online Brackets for #CPT2018 finalized and now open for registration!

With the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour in full swing, it's time to take the competition online this weekend! As of this week, the event schedule for all Capcom Pro Tour Online events has been finalized, and aspiring participants can now visit to register for their corresponding region!

Online events will be taking place for four separate regions: North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Each region will be divided into two sections, each of which will have two events, for a total sixteen four online events.

All online events will follow the same points structure by which all CPT Ranking Events abide, which means that points will be distributed to the Top 8 of each online bracket at the following scale:

- 1st Place: 150
- 2nd Place: 70
- 3rd Place: 40
- 4th Place: 20
- 5th Place (Tie): 10
- 7th Place (Tie): 1

Current standings for the CPT 2018 season can be reviewed here.

If you play Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and you're looking to get your name out there in the Capcom Pro Tour, we encourage you to head to right now and enter the brackets that correspond to your region! You must be at least thirteen to participate. In addition, due to the online cross-play feature, participants may enter via Steam (PC) or the Playstation Network (PS4).

The first CPT Online bracket is scheduled to take place this Saturday in the northern section of Latin America. See below for the complete schedule for the CPT Online series:

North America 10am PST

West 1: April 28
West 2: July 7
East 1: October 1
East 2: November 10

Europe 10am BST

West 1: May 5
East 1: June 9
West 2: July 14
East 2: August 18

Latin America 10am BRT/PST

North 1: April 14 (coming up this Saturday!)
South 1: May 12
North 2: July 28
South 2: August 18

Asia 10am SST for Southeast 1 and 2 / 10am JST for East 1 and 2

Southeast 1: June 2
East 1: June 23
Southeast 2: July 21
East 2: September 2

The CPT Online series will be run in part by @CapcomFighters and @levelupseries. Follow both pages on Twitter for further updates concerning the circuit.

Complete details concerning the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour as a whole may be reviewed here.


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