Additional Features from April 3rd Update for #SFVAE documented by Capcom

Last week, Capcom released a balance update for the current roster in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. A practical bank of changes was listed for almost every character in the game, particularly characters such as Abigail and Cammy, both of whom have been popular among the community given recent discussions.

However, the update also introduced a series of changes that were originally not documented by Capcom. They have since corrected this oversight and presented the unlisted changes in their entirety as of yesterday.

For those curious, the changes are as follows.

  • Implemented "New Releases" in the Information menu, for viewing new items.

Note: Press the megaphone icon on the top left of the menu screen when "New Releases" is highlighted.

・You can now restrict entry into Battle Lounges based on connection status.
Connection Restrictions has also been added to the Lounge Settings when searching for a lounge. 

・Added "Next 50" skip functionality when inviting friends to the Battle Lounge.

・If a disconnect happens during the match, the notification will be left in the message log, and you will be able to view the Fighters Profile of your opponent.

・A sound effect will play at the rematch screen for Ranked and Casual Matches. 

・The button guide will be displayed upon spectating a match in the Battle Lounge.

・Enabled a voice sample playback when selecting your favorite character.

・Search and creation settings for Battle Lounge will be saved.

The changes listed above have been shared at this page by Capcom. For those who are unaware of what exactly has changed about Street Fighter V since last week's update, you can check out this article to read up on the balance changes.

In other news, Capcom seems to have posted a teaser image concerning the identity of their next DLC fighter for the third season of the game...

Before Season 3 launched, Capcom unveiled every character that would be added to SFV throughout the year: Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G and Sagat. Thus far, they have released these characters in the exact order as listed in their header image at their official Twitter. With Sakura and Blanka out in the wild, it's easy to guess that the next character in line to be released is Falke, who appears to be similar to Ed in terms of her character history.

Exactly how will she play, though? A character trailer for Falke is expected to surface later this month, at which time we will update you.

Street Figher V: Arcade Edition is now available for both the Playstation 4 and PC platforms for $39.99. Both versions come with cross-play allowing players from differing platforms to compete with one another online.

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