.@HookGangGod and @ReynaldJT have qualified for #DBFZ Invitational, #SummitofPower

With the conclusion of the first qualifiers for Summit of Power at Wednesday Night Fights and Next Level Battle Circuit, we now know the next two players who will be joining eight other guests of honor at the main event on June 8th for a shot at a $10,000 prize pool.

At WNF, @ReynaldJT emerged victorious from a 64-man bracket where he took on 2GB Combo in Grand Finals using a team of Bardock, Cell and Android 16. The Grand Finals extended to a four-game set, and Reynald ultimately took the win without being deposited into Loser's Bracket. Below is the match where he earned his qualification into Summit of Power - check it out!

A slight plot twist unfolded at Next Level Battle Circuit, however. Echo Fox SonicFox was in attendance, but as one of the players who'd already been welcomed to Summit of Power, he'd nevertheless shouldered his way into Grand Finals using a combination of Gotenks, Kid Buu and Cell. As a result, the qualifying spot would not go to the winner of the NLBC bracket, but rather to the runner-up, provided that they too were not already qualified for the DBFZ invitational.

That runner-up was @HookGangGod, who'd taken out Lost Soul in Loser's Finals to win himself the qualifying spot! That match has also been included for you to enjoy.

Our sincerest congratulations go out to Reynald and HookGangGod for earning this achievement! As such, they will join the following eight players in what may turn out to be a 16-player bracket at Summit of Power:

- Echo Fox SonicFox
- ApologyMan
- TSM Leffen
- EG NYChrisG
- Cyclops Dogura
- Cyclops GO13151
- Panda Global Nakkiel
- Kazunoko

For those still hopeful for their chance to qualify, the next opportunity is not far off. Combo Breaker 2018 will serve as a last chance qualifier for all Dragonball FighterZ entrants on May 25-27, but  @BeyondTheSummit may be at work planning other qualifiers. According to their SmashGG page, an "opti-in" is scheduled to open in five days from now. We suggest following that page for updates.

To see the complete brackets for the WNF and NLBC qualifiers, see below for a pair of links.

Wednesday Night Fights - Summit of Power Qualifier
Next Level Battle Circuit - Summit of Power Qualifier

For further updates concerning Summit of Power, please follow our blog!

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