Patch Notes for Version 3.00 of King of Fighters XIV

Today, the Version 3.00 update for King of Fighters XIV dropped on both the PS4 and Steam (PC) platforms. It introduces up to four DLC fighters and a balance overhaul for both the general mechanics and the entire roster.

The DLC fighters in question are Blue Mary, Najd, Heidern and Oswald. Each will be available in-game as a separate purchase. Their additions will expand the current roster from 54 to 58 characters in all.

All of the balance changes have been listed in a 31-page document published by @SNKPOfficial. We will list a portion of the changes here and leave you to read the rest at this link.


  • Fixed an issue allowing to keep charging charged special moves if a direction key was pressed at a certain timing after special moves succesfully charged.
  • Throws don't work anymore from the beginning of a guard stance and until blocking any opponent attack.
  • Emergency Evasion, Guard Cancel Emergency Evasion, and Moving Distance properties have been standardized for all characters.
  • Hit Stop duration on guard stances specific to guard points against certain projectiles has been changed.
  • Collision coefficients for opponents stunned in the air have been changed.


  • Backstep

Fastened startup.
Reduced distance.
Changed hurtbox.
Changed collision box.

  • Close Light Punch

Fixed and issue where Rush combo could be activated regardless of the situation (no hit / no guard).

  • Ge-Shiki・Naraku Otoshi

Reduced recovery time on hit.

  • R.E.D. Kick

Shortened overall recovery frames.

  • Far Heavy Kick

Reduced hitbox.
Expanded hurtbox.

  • Ge-Shiki・Migiri Ugachi

Changed low attack box.

  • 114 Shiki・Aragami

Reduced guard point.
Reduced guard point active frames.

  • 115 Shiki・Dokugami

Reduced guard point.

  • Ura 108 Shiki・Orochinagi

Reduced damage.

  • 182 Shiki

Increased damage.

  • Ura 108 Shiki・Orochinagi (MAX ver.)

Increased damage.


  • Short / mid jumps

Changed collision box.

  • Crouching Heavy Punch

Changed the opponent's behavior on hit.

  • Jump Blow Back

Expanded hitbox.

  • Ko-Ou Ken

Increased damage.

  • Ko-Ou Ken (EX ver.)

Increased damage.

Shin・Tenchi Haoh Ken

Fixed an issue where this move was considered airborne at a certain timing.

Kohou (EX ver.)

Increased damage.

Jump Light Kick

Fixed an issue where the hurtbox was incorrect during a few frames after attack.

Short / Mid Jump Blow Back

Fixed an issue where attack data for normal and high jumping blow backs were the same.

Ryuuko Ranbu (MAX ver.)

Climax Cancel is now possible on the last hit.
Reduced minimum damage.

Blow Back

Expanded hitbox.
Expanded hurtbox.

Short / Mid Jump Heavy Punch

Fixed an issue where attack data for normal and high jumps were the same.

To see the rest of the changes, continue reading here.

Source: @iplaywinner

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