Team @PandaGlobalPG welcomes Smash Melee player, @PG_Zain

Panda Global has expanded their ranks yet again. This time their next addition comes from a title whose support is solely community-driven - Zain Naghmi!

Hailing from Blacksburg VA, Zain's consistent victories at Xanadu's Smash Melee locals paved the way to a walk up the Victory Road. In 2017, he began appearing in multiple Top 8s at high-profile events such as Super Smash Con, DreamHack Denver, Big House 7, and Smash Valley V. With 2018 in full swing, he's continued his streak of Top 8 finishes at Smash Valley and EGLx 2018, while also bagging a 13th place result at Genesis 5 earlier this year.

His Marth is an intimidating force to be reckoned with, strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the legends of the Smash Melee community. With his recent signing, he joins Wobbles and Plup in representing Melee's finest talent under the Panda Global banner.

Initially Panda Global had plans to wait until Smash Summit VI to reveal their latest acquisition to their team, but as part of their effort to send him to the event, they've made a change in plans. Ten other players have already been invited to Smash Summit to compete for a $15,000 prize pool that will be split across separate brackets for singles and doubles, and six more will join them by way of an open poll that everyone can participate in!

If you'd like to see PG Zain in action at Smash Summit, which takes place in Los Angeles on the first weekend of May, you can go to this link to submit your votes!

Panda Global's ranks have seen a rapid expansion since the beginning of 2018, thereby making them one of the largest organizations at large today. One can only wonder what else lies in store for them. For further updates, please follow their Twitter and website.

Congratulations to PG Zain for his opportunity to represent PG! We wish him and his new team all the best for their future endeavors.

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