Falke joins #SFVAE on April 24th

Season 3 of Street Fighter V continues with the addition of Falke, who makes her debut next Tuesday, April 24th!

Falke is much like Ed and M. Bison in that she commands Psycho Power, but she also brings an incredibly agile style of combat to the arena. In addition to her limbs, she comes equipped with a metal rod that grants her unique abilities, especially when infused with her V-Triggers, which are Staerken and Psycho Angriff.

Take a look at her amazing reveal trailer below and get ready to play as Falke next week!

Sakura and Blanka are available as playable characters right now in SFVAE. Three other characters - Cody, V and Sagat - are set to be added to the roster later in the year. Holders of the Season 3 Character Pass will gain instant access to each fighter as they are released, whereas non-holders will have to wait till a later time to purchase them for $5.99 or by using Fight Money.

Playstation Store - SFV Season 3 Pass
Steam (PC) Store - SFV Season 3 Pass

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