21 Players announced for #ELEAGUESFV Invitational so far

As a follow-up to our previous post regarding the ELEAGUE SFV Invitational, we have an update on the list of players who have been graciously invited to participate.

Within the past week or so, the following players have been announced:

- Daigo Umehara
- Echo Fox Tokido
- 801 Strider
- Echo Fox Punk
- Echo Fox Justin Wong
- Phenom
- Mr ProblemX
- PR Balrog
- iDom
- Haitani
- Fchamp
- Fujimura
- Brolynho (his announcement was not shared on his own Twitter)

As an update to the list above, the following players have recently declared that they'll be joining/returning for the ELEAGUE Invitational in June:

- NuckleDu
- RB Luffy
- CYCLOPS Dogura
- RISE SmugDaBeast
- RB Snake Eyez
- Echo Fox Momochi
- Fuudo

That leaves us with three slots left to be filled for the Invitational. Two of these will be via direct invites from ELEAGUE, whereas the third will be earned by one of seven players participating in ELEAGUE's side-series, "The Challenger: Street Fighter V."

Beginning April 20th, The Challenger will be aired live on TBS Network and ELEAGUE's social media pages. This series covers the journey to the ELEAGUE SFV Invitational, which kicks off on June 1st. Seven players will strive to defeat one another in an effort to join 23 of the world's best Street Fighter players for a shot at a stacked prize pool of $250,000.

The players participating in ELEAGUE's Challenger series are as follows:

- LowTierGod
- Glity
- Jona B
- Commander Jesse
- SherryJenix
- Dayasha
- RobTeeVee

As a preview of what is to come for the first episode, you can click here for a gallery of teaser images.

Stay tuned to @ELEAGUETV to learn which of our Challengers will advance to the Invitational! We'll update you when the remainder of the invited players makes their announcements.

A reminder: for those looking to get their taste of glory, ELEAGUE has partnered with Battlefy to host the Street Fighter V Open series, where players can participate online in a series of ladder brackets in order to earn league points. Up to four ladders will be played for both the Western and Eastern regions of the United States. The first ladder is scheduled to begin this weekend, on April 21st. Click here for details on how to enter.

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