Brackets for #DragonballFighterZ and #SFVAE will be capped at 896 players for #CB2018

The countdown to Combo Breaker 2018 continues, and as we creep closer to the deadline for registration, the event team is hard at work making preparations whilst keeping their followers informed.

Today, they have released an update concerning the brackets for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and DragonBall FighterZ. If you have yet to cover your registration, it is advisable that you do so ASAP, because both brackets will now be capped at 896 players each.

As DragonBall FighterZ was not released last year, it has no record numbers to speak of. On the other hand, Street Fighter V, in its Season 2 days, had over 650 players participating in a bracket that would be tied to the CPT 2017 season as a Premier Event. With Season 3 and Arcade Edition upon us, and with a 3.5 balance patch just behind our shoulders, it begs the question of whether or not Street Fighter will surpass its record in terms of player numbers this year.

In addition, DragonBall FighterZ has been given a welcome embrace from players everywhere in the FGC, regardless of the title they initially specialized in. In fact, results for recent DBFZ brackets have indicated winners coming from other games, including Injustice 2 and Street Fighter V. Undoubtedly the title is set to face an amazing chapter in its lifespan at Combo Breaker 2018.

Another reason that this bracket cap is worth noting? Combo Breaker rejoins the Capcom Pro Tour as a Premier Event for the 2018 season, which means that the SFV champion will be guaranteed a spot in this year's Capcom Cup, the endpoint of the CPT season.

The event also serves as a last chance qualifier for a special DBFZ invitational called Summit of Power, which is brought to you by @BeyondTheSummit. Up to ten players have been locked in for the event so far, but a final player count for the Summit has yet to be specified, though all signs point towards the event featuring up to sixteen finalists.

When asked to clarify where the player numbers for the event currently stand, however, the Combo Breaker team declined to comment, stating that the final numbers will not be revealed until late registration closes on May 14th.

If you have yet to register for Combo Breaker, you can do so at Additionally, follow @ComboBreakerFGC on Twitter for updates.

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