Nominate your five favorite #DragonBallFighterZ players for #SummitofPower!

The time has come, Z Fighters...

For those following Summit of Power, it's an invitational event where the best DragonBall FighterZ players in the world will gather to compete for their shot at a $10,000 prize pool. The event will feature a bracket of up to sixteen players, and eight of those slots will be filled in via direct invites from @BeyondTheSummit, the organization responsible for bringing you Summit of Power.

The eight invited players are:

- Echo Fox SonicFox
- EG NYChrisG
- ApologyMan
- PG Nakkiel
- CYCLOPS Dogura
- TSM Leffen
- Kazunoko

Last Wednesday, a duo of qualifiers took place at local events in California and New York, respectively. HookGangGod and Reynald have emerged victorious from both events, and as such, they have qualified for Summit of Power. A third slot will be filled in a similar fashion at Combo Breaker 2018 next month.

So how will the other five Z Fighters be selected for Summit of Power? Well...that decision is in your hands.

Depending on your results in events featuring DragonBall FighterZ, you could be welcomed into the Summit of Power, provided that you have enough support from the community as a whole!

Players can nominate themselves as potential candidates for Summit of Power. In doing so, they must write up a biography that focuses on their results achieved in DBFZ events. It is recommended that said results meet at least one of the following criteria in order to be eligible:

- Top 32 at Winter Brawl 12
- Top 32 at Final Round 2018
- Top 16 at NorCal Regionals 2018
- Top 16 at Anime Ascension 2018
- Top 16 at Brussels Challenge Major Edition

Those not participating but wish to cast their vote must publish a Twitter post to nominate the players they wish to see at Summit of Power. Nominations will begin on April 30th at 12 Pacific Time. On May 7th, the top twenty candidates with the most nominations will proceed to a voting phase where the remainder of the finalists will be chosen.

Every Twitter post made on behalf of a candidate counts as one vote, and each voter gets one decision only. However, you can follow @smashgg and @BeyondTheSummit for potential opportunities to make additional votes.

To see the complete list of nominees for Summit of Power, or to volunteer yourself as a nominee, please visit Again, the nominations will officially open on April 30th, so be sure to keep following that page so you don't miss out on your chance to make your voice heard!

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