Team @InControlHQ signs Pokken Player/Commentator @Kino_sfl

Yesterday, the InControl team welcomed an established competitor and commentator from the Pokken Tournament DX community: @Kino_sfl!

Kino juggles multiple roles alongside that of a player and commentator. Formerly a team manager for Elevate, he currently operates as PR manager for @doghouseesports and an organizer and streamer for the @VSGamingCenter, a premier gaming center that hosts brackets for a variety of titles in South Florida.

Kino has competed in a number of Pokken events, before and after the DX update, as a Pikachu specialist. His results in Pokken events include a 3rd place at Frosty Faustings X, 5th at the final Winter Brawl, and 5th at last year's Smash Conference.

Kino's entrance into the ranks of InControl means that he will participate alongside @RoksoTheSavage and @FlegarBombz to represent the organization in future Pokken events! We congratulate him for his signing and wish all the best to his team!

For further updates on InControl, follow their Twitter.

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