Team @NRGgg signs #DBFZ players @HookGangGod and @TheSupernoon

While DBFZ players everywhere are clamoring to gather support in order to be nominated for Summit of Power, NRG Esports has signed two names into their newly-erected Dragonball FighterZ division: HookGangGod and TheSupernoon!

HookGangGod has already earned his qualification into Summit of Power by taking the WNF qualifier event at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana CA. As such, he will be representing NRG Esports while participating against the best DBFZ players in the world! Along with DBFZ, HookGangGod rocks to the tune of Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2.

Supernoon, on the other hand, is among those hopeful to be nominated for the Summit of Power invitational, which takes place on the weekend of June 8-10 and is brought to you by @BeyondTheSummit! Supernoon comes fresh off a third place finish in DBFZ at NorCal Regionals 2018, and he's also taken the top spot in WNF's inaugural season. These achievements mark him as a threat to the competition inside and outside the Summit of Power.

Congratulations to both players for being welcomed into the NRG family! We hope to see the duo in full force at Summit of Power!

For those looking to nominate their favorite Dragonball FighterZ players for Summit of Power, the process will begin at noon on April 30th. Each nominated player will be given a unique Twitter button that voters will use to increase his/her chances of qualifying for Summit of Power. On May 7th, the top twenty FighterZ players will progress to a final voting phase, where five players will be selected to participate at the Summit for a $10,000 prize pool. Please see this page for more details.

Furthermore, Combo Breaker 2018 will serve as a last chance qualifier for Summit of Power, and its Dragonball FighterZ bracket will be capped at 896 players. If you have yet to register but are considering doing so, we advise making your decision quickly, because registration closes on May 14th. Combo Breaker returns to the Mega Center in Illinois on May 25-27.

To register for Combo Breaker, visit

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