Balance Patch coming to #SFVAE on April 3rd

As NCR, the second of many Premiere Events in the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 season, came to a resounding close last night, Capcom dropped an unexpected surprise: the notes for another balance update that is scheduled to arrive to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition this Tuesday.

Given the timing at which this announcement dropped, many have quickly jumped to the conclusion that these notes were all part of an April Fool's joke. But another post from the @SFVServer Twitter dropped shortly afterward to announce that the game's servers would be taken offline for maintenance this Tuesday.

Every character has been affected, some more so than others, but the character that appears to have received the majority of changes is Abigail, who has spawned quite a bit of controversy among the SFV community since near the end of Season 2. Capcom was quick to address unintended bugs with Abigail's armor mechanics shortly after Season 3/Arcade Edition began, yet he remained at the top of just about everybody's tier lists. Whether that will remain unchanged or not is for the players to decide once the patch comes into effect.

As the notes are too extensive to contain in just one post, we'll simply list a portion of them and leave you to read the rest at this post from the Capcom Unity blog. Check it out.


Crush Counters

Taking both rewards on hit and frequency into account, changed the combo scaling on crush counters.

Throw Escape

Changed so that a throw break cannot be performed after the move has been input, with the exception of normal and unique moves. This is to weaken the defensive technique of using certain special moves (primarily movement special moves) together with the throw break.

Note: Previously, throw escapes could not be performed only for moves that gave the character some kind of invincibility or armor.

Normal Throw Damage

Increased parameters for characters that have less reward on hit.


Overall rebalancing for the moves’ start-up and performance.



  • Shoulder Throw (Forward Throw)
    • Damage increased from 120 to 130
    • Recovery increased after the throw by 2F
  • Somersault Throw (Backwards Throw)
    • Damage increased from 140 to 150
  • Standing LP (Normal/V-Trigger)
    • Reduced the upwards hitbox
  • Standing MK
    • Removed the forward hurtbox that appeared before the hitbox active frames
  • Crouching MK
    • Changed so that the collision box will emerge forward when the hitbox becomes active
  • Jodan Nirengeki/Jodan Sanrengeki
    • Enforced the combo count restrictions
    • Added float if the final hit hits midair
  • Denjin Renki
    • Increased the length of the V-Timer from 800F to 1,000F
  • Isshin
    • Changed that the counter judgment will become active from 1F of Isshin receiving an attack
    • Removed the counter hit judgment from a successful Isshin activation
    • Can cancel the recovery into EX Jodan Sokuto Geri only on hit
    • Can be canceled into from Axe Kick and Solar Plexus Strike
  • V Hadoken
    • Increased the V-Timer usage of each V Hadoken from 50F to 100F
  • VEX Hadoken
    • Changed the position at which movement is possible after the move
  • H Shoryuken (Normal/V-Trigger)
    • Damage increased by 10 for 1st active frame only
    • Hit stop increased for 1st active frame only
  • EX Shoryuken
    • Expanded the forward hitbox
    • Changed the opponent’s behavior on the first hit
      • Note: This has no effect on the battle balance
  • V Shoryuken/VEX Shoryuken
    • Changed so that it will consume V-Timer gauge
      • Note: Uses 150F of gauge
  • Jodan Sokuto Geri
    • Reduced the opponent’s knockback distance
    • Increased the forward travel distance during the move
    • Eased the combo count


  • Knee Bash (Forward Throw)
    • Damage increased from 110 to 120
    • Added 1F of recovery after the throw
  • Hell Wheel (Backwards Throw)
    • Damage increased from 130 to 140
  • Standing LP
    • Reduced the upwards hitbox
  • Crouching LP
    • Pushback on hit slightly decreased
    • Pushback on block slightly decreased
    • Reduced the upwards hitbox
  • Crouching LK
    • Increased the pushback on hit
  • Quick Step (V-Skill)
    • Damage reduced from 70 to 50
    • Stun reduced from 150 to 100
    • Added float value for airborne hit
    • Eased the combo count
    • Expanded the collision box only when performed from Chin Buster 2nd cancel
  • M Shoryuken
    • Eased the combo count
  • EX Shoryuken/VEX Shoryuken
    • Changed so that it can hit opponents who are behind Ken
    • Expanded the collision boxes for the first Shoryu on hit, making it harder for an opponent to fall behind Ken during midair hit
  • Shinryuken
    • Eased the combo count
    • Reduced the horizontal knockback distance for max button press version
    • Damage reduced from 200 to 180 for max button press version


  • Standing LP and Standing MP (Normal/V-Trigger)
    • Reduced the upwards hitbox
  • Koshuto (Forward Throw)
    • Changed the distance from the opponent after a throw
  • Rankyaku (V-Skill)
    • Can be performed from cancelable moves
    • Decreased the V-Gauge meter gain from 100 to 80
  • Yokusenkyaku (Normal)
    • Decreased the advantage on Crush Counter from +19F to +18F
    • Recovery increased on whiff from 13F to 18F
  • Kikosho
    • Changed so that the hitbox for the second hit onwards will not disappear when Kikosho collides with the opponent’s projectile


  • Hurtbox
    • Expanded her upwards hurtbox while crouching
  • Stun
    • Increased from 900 to 950
  • Gyro Clipper (Forward Throw)
    • Damage increased from 120 to 130
    • Stun decreased from 150 to 120
  • Delta Through (Backwards Throw)
    • Damage increased from 140 to 150
  • Crouching LK
    • Increased the pushback on hit
  • Lift Upper
    • Can be canceled from during Delta Ambush and Delta Step while V-Trigger II is active
  • L Cannon Spike
    • Invincible to airborne attacks from 1F to 6F
  • V Cannon Spike
    • Can cancel into V Canon Strike on hit
  • Delta Step/Delta Ambush
    • Number of V-Trigger blocks reduced from 3 to 2
    • The V-Timer will be completely consumed upon using the special moves Delta Step and Delta Ambush
  • Delta Twist
    • Expanded the downwards hurtbox
  • Reverse Edge
    • Damage increased from 70 to 80
    • The second attack will be considered a mid attack
    • The recovery on block will be the same as on hit
    • Recovery on block decreased from -11F to -5F
    • Active frames 1F and 2F will be able to hit grounded opponents

Continue reading here for the full notes.

If you'd like to give SFVAE a go, it is now available for both the Playstation 4 and PC platforms. Online cross-play is featured for both platforms, so that players on the PS4 can face players from the PC version and vice-versa.

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