Registration Update for #EVO2018: #DragonBallFighterZ takes a strong lead in numbers

Today, Joey "MrWiz" Cuellar released a second update on the registration numbers for Evolution 2018, which takes place at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay on the first weekend of August.

Once again, no player counts were disclosed for any title in the lineup, but one thing MrWiz's post notes is that of the eight games, DragonBall FighterZ has taken a tremendous lead over the others. Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 make up the rest of the Top 3 in the lineup.

Since its release in January 26th, DragonBall FighterZ has captured the hearts of the entire FGC, particularly with the storylines that have spawned from its best players, most notably GO1 and SonicFox, who have sparred with one another in up to two special events where they raced to ten wins on stream at Final Round 2018 and the grand opening ceremony for the Las Vegas Esports Arena. Thus far, both sets have been taken by GO1, but the gap in their win counts has grown smaller in their runback.

In addition, a great deal of DBFZ-based locals have sprung up around the United States. As the tag fighter's influence continues to strengthen, the community grows increasingly curious as to what EVO's final player counts will add up to upon the closing of registration.

That said, there is still quite the bit of magic being worked in events featuring all of the titles, and we still have just under three months left to see how the EVO 2018 lineup stacks up this year. As of March 31st, the registration fee has increased to $60, plus a smaller fee for each game you choose to enter. You can sign up for the event at

EVO 2018 takes place on August 3-5 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. While your registration as a spectator or competitor is covered by SmashGG, if you wish to spectate the Sunday finals, you must purchase a separate ticket for an arena seat on Sunday. To do so, visit here.

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