Version 1.3.0 update for @RivalsOfAether adds Sylvanos and Elliana as playable characters

This week's SFV balance patch is no joke, and neither is the next incoming update for the PC platform fighter known as Rivals of Aether!

Today, Dan Fornace and his team introduced two new characters via a Version 1.3.0 update: Sylvanos, who'd been teased a while back, and Elliana. The update also revamps controller support and introduces quite a number of changes to the general mechanics and the overall cast.

Sylvanos and Elliana have been labeled the first "villain" Rival characters to be added to the roster since the game's inception. They will be offered via a group DLC pack that comes with a price tag of only $4.99, and you can pick up that pack here at the Steam Store. Additionally, for one week only, the base product will be available for only $5 whereas all of its DLC packs (excluding the one that just released for Sylvanos and Elliana) will have their price tags reduced by 50%, so if you're looking to get into the game, now is a good time!

As of this update, players will no longer be required to choose between the Dinput and Xinput controller modes, as both now work simultaneously. Switch Pro controllers can now be added in as well via Bluetooth.

An excerpt from the 1.3.0 patch notes can be seen below. The remainder can be found here at the official blog for Rivals of Aether.

1.3.0 Patch Notes


  • Wall tech can now be cancelled by a double jump or airdodge.
  • Wall tech invincibility has been increased from 8 frames > 12 frames.
  • You can now crouch cancel multihit crouch cancellable moves like Absa upSpecial, Ranno needles, etc.
  • You can no longer ASDI up/down while grounded. This was a bug that allowed people to tech grounded spike attacks, which were not supposed to be techable.
  • Fixed angle flipper 8 (Absa Dspecial and Ori Charged Flame) to behave as expected when compared to angle flipper 1 (e.g. Zetter Nspecial).
    Previously it calculated the angle based on the bottom of the player’s feet instead of the center of their body, leading to a lower angle in most cases.
  • Jab is no longer cancellable into strong attacks. Forsburn could cancel Fstrong into Dstrong, which was unintended and extremely powerful.
  • Attacks with the ‘force flinch’ property can now force flinch even if the opponent is in hitstun.
  • Successful techs now reset the tech failure window, allowing you to tech two attacks in a row.
  • Shortened dash attacks no longer happen when you press dash and attack on the same frame. Instead, a dash attack will shorten if you’re holding down on frame 1 of the attack (an easy way to do this is to do a quarter circle motion from forward to down, then press attack). This makes shortened dash attacks easier to do on purpose and more difficult to do on accident. This change only affects characters that could previously shorten their dash attacks: Zetterburn, Clairen, Orcane, and Sylvanos.
  • Hit lockout time is no longer used as the mechanic to make multi-hitbox, single-hit attacks (like Zetterburn fair or Ori bair). It is now only used for moves that shouldn’t be interrupted by things like Orcane bubbles, Kragg rock shards, or Elliana steam. Instead, hitboxes now have a hitbox_group property that prevent hitboxes in the same group from hitting until the attack ends.


  • Press the dodge button during the first few frames of aerial Dspecial to cancel the move, removing all hitboxes but giving you only 16 landing lag frames instead of 26.
  • Uair endlag increased from 8 > 10 on hit and 12 > 15 on whiff.
  • Fstrong linking hitbox active frames increased from 3 > 5. This prevents fast characters from running straight through Fstrong.
  • Fstrong and Dstrong can now move players vertically during hitpause instead of just horizontally, preventing situations where the first strong hitbox would hit burned opponents, but the final fire-consuming hitbox would miss.
  • Strong attacks no longer move opponents in hitstun if they aren’t on fire.
  • Can no longer jump during the first frame of charged Nspecial. This previously caused the hitbox to not come out.
  • Can no longer cancel Dspecial if it is parried.


  • Jab 2 has two more frames of endlag (still cancellable on the same frame).
    This prevents a nasty 50/50 against lighter characters with jab > jab >dstrong.
  • Bair endlag increased from 7 > 9 on hit and 11 > 14 on whiff.
  • Fair knockback scaling increased from 1.0 > 1.1.
  • Fair hit lockout time increased from 0 > 3 (so bubbles no longer interrupt your kill moves).
  • Uair sweetspot hit lockout time increased from 13 > 18.
  • Puddle Fstrong startup extended by 3 frames to match regular Fstrong.

Continue reading here for the complete change-log.

Rivals of Aether is now available for both Steam (PC) and Xbox One, but currently this update only affects the Steam version. We will update you again when the Xbox One version receives a similar update. In the meantime, visit one of the links below to purchase the game for your platform of choice.

Xbox One - Rivals of Aether (base product)
Steam (PC) - Rivals of Aether

For more updates on Rivals, follow their Twitter account.

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