Command List and Combat Stats for Falke in #SFVAE

Falke is set to release for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition next Tuesday, but her combat stats have leaked already.

Panda Global's Infiltration made a Twitter post that contained an updated page for Falke from the game.capcom website. The page lists both Falke's Vitality and Stun at 950, and according to a pie chart that illustrates her stats, she's described as a character with an emphasis on range and technique.

Thus far, the page, linked here, describing her movelist lists only her V-Trigger inputs, her special moves, throws, V-Skill, V-Reversal, command normals and Critical Art. No frame data has been provided on any of them at this time.

Fortunately, for those looking for a breakdown on Falke that carries more depth and a visual demonstration, @TheStreetWriter has provided a video tutorial on her. That tutorial can be seen below.

Falke joins Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on April 24th. Additional DLC characters are set to release for the game later this year. Make sure to grab your Season 3 Character Pass for either the Playstation 4 or PC version of the game so you'll be set for the incoming characters!

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