Top 8 Update for #CellGames Week 3!

With all of the esports action going on this weekend, we'd like to update you on our next Top 8 bracket for our competitive DragonBall FighterZ series, Cell Games!

Out of a hundred Z Fighters, eight remain standing for the Week 3 finals, and this bracket is basically being invaded by a large number of players that have attained recognition from the NetherRealm Studios community: KH Black, Gravity Alcatraz and KDigital!

Also joining us in this Top 8 is NRG HookGangGod, one of the few players to have qualified for @BeyondTheSummit's DBFZ invitational called Summit of Power! He will begin his path from the Winner's side by facing off against one of the newcomers, MCG's AaronDaMac. Two other newcomers, DarkNinja and UL SuperHotGarbage, will be making their debut from the lower bracket.

Rounding off this Top 8 is a returning face from last week's finals, Acts1631! He finished in 7th place for Week 2, and his return to this week's Top 8 plays a role in keeping him within the Top 8 for the Cell Games standings, which are already starting to see a shake-up after the course of last night's preliminaries!

Cell Games will continue with its Week 3 finals this Monday (tomorrow night) at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. Be sure you are following us at with your email notifications enabled!

To review the Week 3 preliminaries, you can watch the video below!

We are pleased to thank @UltraDavid for joining us in last night's broadcast to share in the commentary with @MisterAquaman! Both will rejoin us for the Week 3 finals tomorrow night, and we hope you will as well.

Who will be crowned the Week 3 winner for Cell Games?! Stay tuned...

For a look back at the results for the first two weeks of Cell Games, you can look up the articles linked below:

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