.@2GGaming brings you #SwitchFest at @LAThunderFGC 's Thunder Studios on April 21-22!

In under three weeks, 2GGaming will bring you an event revolving solely around titles available for the Nintendo Switch - the SwitchFest!

The event takes place on the weekend of April 21-22 at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California. Up to three titles from the Switch will receive their respective brackets, and all of them do not cost anything to enter! This includes a team bracket for Splatoon 2, and if you do not have your own team, you may proceed to register regardless and the community will work with you to build a team consisting of other free agents!

The titles that will be featured in the spotlight at SwitchFest are Splatoon 2 (as already mentioned), Pokken Tournament DX, and ARMS.

In addition, to celebrate the impending arrival of Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, SwitchFest will feature a Smash Wii-U event that revolves around the theme of Shulk! However, unlike the other brackets, this one will come with a $10 entry fee. Brackets for singles and doubles will be available to participate in.

For until April 16th, the venue fee will be $30. After that time, players will have one last chance to register on the 17th or 18th for $40. Weekend spectator passes will cost $10 and be available for purchase on-site.

Looking to participate? Just hit up smash.gg/switchfest to enter!

Already a large number of notable names from the Smash community have signed up for SwitchFest, including Nairo, MKLeo, Abadango, Tweek, and more! Will you be counted among them?

For more updates, follow @2GGaming on Twitter, as well as our blog.

Thunder Studio is an esports center that is currently open to the public seven days a week, though its official launch has yet to be announced. Back in mid-March, a TV promo for the esports center was dropped to show off its unique attractions for gamers worldwide. The venue is considered the largest independent production facility on the West Coast totaling more than 150,000 square feet in size.

We encourage following Thunder Studio at their Twitter and website (in progress) for further updates on their events.

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