Team @OpTicGaming is your Season Finale Champion for Devastation: Road to Vegas!

StreamMe's Devastation series came to a close last week, and we have now crowned our Season Finale champions: Team OpTicGaming!

Along with Echo Fox, World Best and eUnited, these four crews proved themselves to be the best out of eight teams throughout four weekly brackets in a row.

At first OpTic Gaming was off to a shaky start in the rankings since the first week, but by the end of the league, they made a recovery so strong that it ensured them their spot in the season finale. Ghost Gaming performed similarly, barely scraping their finalist's spot for themselves after a much-needed recovery. Echo Fox and eUnited, on the other hand, maintained their positions in the upper half of the rankings with unwavering consistency.

But the rankings did little to give us a hint as to what was to come in the finale. In the first round, eUnited found themselves facing the threat of elimination, as did World Best. Meanwhile, Echo Fox and OpTic Gaming engaged in a heated Winner's Finals from which OpTic would emerge victorious by the skin of their teeth.

eUnited defeated World Best to survive in the finale and deny them their rematch with Echo Fox. The foxes may have been left licking their wounds after Winner's Finals, but their fighting spirit had yet to falter. They ended eUnited's run with a 2-1 victory, thus earning themselves a runback with OpTic.

It seemed that the holes in OpTic's strategy had not stopped sealing themselves during the team's temporary break from combat, however, because Echo Fox could not find any leeway at all in their Grand Finals set. Ultimately, OpTic took out the foxes 2-0 to become the Devastation Season Finale champions!

It is our pleasure to congratulate OpTic Gaming for their victory, and also to acknowledge the three other teams for qualifying for the season finale! A $1,250 pot bonus thereby goes over to OpTic, while Echo Fox walks away with $500 and eUnited takes home $250.

It was a privilege to work with the Gears 4 esports community to bring you this top-notch competitive series throughout the month of March! Thanks go to @DeluxeHaas for assisting with event organization, and also to the following for providing commentary:

Waldo "WaldoRTK7" Kinne
Jacob "PR" Arce
Tyler "Trooper" Shuman

Didn't get to catch the Season Finale? The complete archive can be seen below, and the rest of our weekly events can be seen among our videos at our YouTube page, which we encourage you to subscribe to!

We'll have more competitive events for players to engage in coming soon, including our first weekly bracket for our DBFZ series: Cell Games! Please see this post if you are interested in participating. Also, tune in every Friday for our StreamMe PubG Invitational, which is run in partnership with Auzom!

From all of us at StreamMe, thanks to the Gears enthusiasts for participating! We'll hopefully see you in more of our events in the future! :)

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