Team @PandaGlobalPG reveals their Anime 2018 roster: @NakkielPNW, @SuperKawaiiDesu and @MarlinPie

Last Sunday, Panda Global announced their complete Anime FGC roster for the year: Nakkiel, SuperKawaiiDesu (known as SKD for short) and MarlinPie!

MarlinPie and SKD are returning to the organization by means of renewed contracts, whereas Nakkiel is joining their ranks as a new addition to the panda family! The Twitter post confirming their signing can be found here.

MarlinPie PG GG XRD.png

MarlinPie has established a name for himself as one of the higher-ups of the Guilty Gear community. He has delved into the series since its first entry, and by the end of 2015, his results began to turn heads. He has appeared in the Top 8 finals for quite a number of events including Evolution 2016, CEO 2016, CEOtaku 2016/2017, Combo Breaker 2016, and so on. MarlinPie also took home the win for Guilty Gear XRD Sign and Revelator at Winter Brawl 9, Summer Jam 9, and Toryuken 5. With the 2018 season kicking off, many expect to see him continue his domination at events across the USA, particularly the next CEOtaku.

SKD PG BlazBlue.png

Like MarlinPie, SuperKawaiiDesu will also be returning to Panda Global, but as a representative specializing in the BlazBlue franchise. His 1st place finishes for Central Fiction at CEO and Combo Breaker last year have propelled him to fame as one of the community's biggest threats, and his efforts earned him his qualification into the finals at CEOtaku 2017, where he finished in third place. With BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle set to release in two months from now, we are eager to see where else SKD's road takes him.

Nakkiel PG DBFZ.png

Like the other two, Nakkiel has an extensive history with anime fighting games. His re-entry to the spotlight kicked off when he was invited to the first invitational event for DragonBall FighterZ at California's Esports Arena. Before that event came to pass, Nakkiel scraped himself a collection of Top 8 finishes in various anime titles (most of them being within the Top 3) at events such as SoCal Regionals, Northwest Majors, Final Round, Combo Breaker, and even EVO 2014. His streak of impressive achievements has been continued by a Top 8 finish for DragonBall FighterZ at this year's Final Round.

Side-note: for those looking to improve in DBFZ, Nakkiel has released a collection of tutorial videos at his YouTube. We recommend checking them out.

It is particularly thrilling to see three of the anime FGC's titans representing Panda Global's banner, and we congratulate the trio for this exciting opportunity! For more updates, follow Panda Global's Twitter and their website, as well as our blog.

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