Top 8 Update for #CellGames Week 4

Our Top 8 finals for Cell Games Week 4 could very well set the stage for a clash of champions!

Many familiar faces returned as new blood circulated through the event, bringing about unique match-ups. Now that the preliminaries are behind us, it thrills us to announce that we have the Week 1 and 2 Champions, PAG Fame96 and BxA Odfullauto, lined up in our next finals bracket, which takes place tonight at 8 P.M. Eastern Time.

Along with those two, we have five other players making their return to Top 8, as well as a new challenger by the name of CE UrbanFlow, who'd previously appeared in Top 8s for our Savage Series back in January 2017.

Tonight's bracket will mark our entry into the halftime period for Cell Games, which means that from here on out, any points earned by the players become highly crucial. Tonight's results could foreshadow possibilities regarding the players set to make their entry into the season finale. You definitely won't want to miss out!

Be sure to join us at to learn who will be crowned the Week 4 winner! As always, make sure you are following the channel with email notifications enabled.

Didn't get to tune in for the Week 4 pools last Saturday? The archive is available below for you to peruse.

We'd like to thank @Echo_FGC for making a return to the microphone this week! Followers of War of the Gods will recognize him for his dual commentary with @MisterAquaman. Both will return to cast the Week 4 finals tonight. Be sure to give both gentlemen a follow on Twitter.

We will update you when signups for Week 5 become available. Thank you to all our players and spectators for supporting Cell Games!

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