Team @ArcadeImpact signs Smash Melee player @Starlord_SC

Today, Arcade Impact dipped their feet into Smash Melee's pond via the signing of their last addition to their esports team for the year. 

Hailing from South Carolina, Starlord has been a long-time competitor in Melee tournaments since near the end of 2013. He has maintained his position as the top Melee in his region's power rankings for multiple seasons in a row. While he is currently recognized as a Sheik specialist, he also wields a lineup consisting of Jigglypuff, Fox, Marth and Ganondorf.

His attendance for tournaments in the past few years has been somewhat shaky, but he has been able to appear at prestigious events such as Super Smash Con 2016, CEO 2017, and DreamHack Atlanta, all of which have drawn in powerful numbers for Smash Melee. From each of these events, he walked away with respectable results achieved in the upper echelon of the brackets.

In addition, he's dabbled in Project M. a popular hack that infuses Smash Bros. Brawl with the mechanics of its predecessor Melee, as a Fox main. While his results in Project M aren't as plentiful, his three-year hiatus after 2014 hardly took a toll on his skill level, as he briefly returned to the game in 2017 to scrape a 5th place finish at an Atlanta event called CLEAR.

Congratulations to Arcade Impact for their latest acquisition! We wish them well with their future endeavors. For more updates, follow @ArcadeImpact and @Starlord_SC on Twitter!

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