Four DLC characters will be added to King of Fighters XIV in Version 3.00 update on April 12th

Today, information surfaced via the Playstation Twitter regarding DLC content for King of Fighters XIV, a tag-based fighter developed by SNK in which players compete against one another using three-character teams.

Since 2018 kicked off, up to three DLC characters were announced for an update scheduled to impact KOF XIV on April 12th. The fourth and final character to be featured in the update was revealed today via a post on the Playstation blog, which you can read here.

The characters are Oswald, Heidern, Nadj and Blue Mary. See below for the trailers which showcase each of these characters.

By popular demand from the fanbase, Blue Mary is making her return to King of Fighters. She originally debuted in Fatal Fury 3, and the highly positive reception received by the character all but guaranteed her addition to the roster for KOF '97.

Along with these four characters, the Version 3.00 update will include balance changes, though exactly what adjustments will be implemented has yet to be clarified. Each character will be available to purchase individually beginning next week on the 12th.

Want to give KOF a try tonight? See the links below to download the product for the platform of your choice, and visit for more information!

Playstation 4 - King of Fighters XIV
Steam Store - King of Fighters XIV

Source: Playstation Twitter

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