Details announced for #DBFZ event "Summit of Power," brought to you by @BeyondTheSummit

Recently, Beyond The Summit announced an invitational event called Summit of Power, where eight of the world's best DragonBall FighterZ players would be called to participate.

The first two players to be invited to this event were just revealed this week, and it's none other than the duo that have quickly risen to fame in DragonBall's corner of the universe, due to their recent rivalry: Cyclops Gaming's GO13151 and Echo Fox's Sonic Fox!

The six other players have yet to be disclosed by BeyondTheSummit. In the meantime, they are apparently giving the FGC a chance to get some other players locked in for the invitational. Up to three qualifiers have been announced this week, two of which will take place next Wednesday at trademark local events hailing from both ends of the United States: Those locals are:

- Wednesday Night Fights, brought to you by Level-Up Productions at the West Coast
- Next Level Battle Circuit, brought to you by NYC Next Level at the East Coast

In addition, Combo Breaker 2018, which takes place at the Mega Center on May 25-27, has been designated as a last chance qualifier for Summit of Power. Players wishing to register for Combo Breaker can visit their SmashGG page here to do so.

No further details regarding Summit of Power have been shared at this time, but according to the event's SmashGG page, an "opt-in" is scheduled to take place in twelve days from now, which suggests that more qualifiers - and more of the invited players, perhaps - will be announced in the coming weeks.

As for when Summit of Power itself takes place? It's all going down on the weekend of June 8-10!

Who will be declared the strongest Z Fighter in the universe?! Stay tuned to BeyondTheSummit's Twitter and website for updates!

About Beyond the Summit: they are an esports company dedicated to bringing unique events to gamers worldwide. Founded in 2012, their initial focus was on supporting the DOTA 2 community by becoming the world's premier broadcasting studio. They have since expanded into a multitude of titles, including the recently released DragonBall FighterZ, and this expansion led to the creation of a series called "The Summit Series," which features events for Smash Bros., DOTA 2, DBFZ, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and more.

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