.@ELEAGUETV unveils lineup for #TheChallengerSFV series!

Earlier in March, ELEAGUE announced the return of their SFV invitational, which would feature a primary lineup of 24 players and a side-series brought to you by BattleFly. But as it turns out, that was far from their only surprise.

Yesterday, ELEAGUE raised the curtain to reveal their next treat for the Street Fighter community! They have organized an SFV Challenger series featuring seven known names from the many corners of the community, and these challengers will partake in a special reality show that covers the players' adventure to the ELEAGUE Street Fighter House in Atlanta.

The SFV Challenger Series will be a firsthand look into the lives of passionate Street Fighter players as they strive to earn themselves a spot in the invitational, and you can get a front-row seat for it all! For an outline of what to expect from the first episode, see this page for a gallery of screenshots with descriptions included for each one.

The seven challengers selected by ELEAGUE can be seen below.

On April 20th at 11:00 P.M. tune in to TBS for the first rendition of the ELEAGUE SFV Challenger series! A second bout will follow a week later on the 27th.

Before that rolls around, however, you can enjoy the final episode of ELEAGUE's Tekken Team Takedown series on TBS tonight, along with an SFV Invitational Celebrity Showdown next Friday! Below is a complete schedule by ELEAGUE outlining all events going on live television this month.

As an aside, players can engage in Battlefy's SFV Open series by visiting here to sign up. Qualifiers kick off this month on the 14th. For more information on the Battlefy Open series as well as the Invitational, please see this article.

For more updates on ELEAGUE's Street Fighter events, follow their Twitter and website.

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