.@NakkielPNW, @maneater_dgr, @NYChrisG and @kazunoko0215 invited to Summit of Power by @BeyondTheSummit

As players gear up to prepare for Summit of Power's qualifier events at California and New York this Wednesday, Beyond The Summit is continuing to drop the names of players they have directly invited to their finale on June 8-10.

As of the past weekend and today, we've learned the names of the next four champions invited to Summit of Power: Cyclops Dogura, EG NYChrisG, Kazunoko and Panda Global's Nakkiel!

The quarter will join Echo Fox SonicFox and Cyclops GO13151 at Summit of Power this June to compete for glory and a $10,000 prize pool. The final two players will most likely be announced later this week.

In addition to the eight players chosen directly by Beyond The Summit, other players will get their chance to qualify for Summit of Power by means of qualifying events at two established local events this week: Wednesday Night Fights in Santa Ana CA and Next Level Battle Circuit in NY. Combo Breaker 2018 will also be considered a last chance qualifier for Summit of Power.

For more information on Summit of Power, please see this article. In addition, please follow @BeyondTheSummit on Twitter and at their official website for further updates concerning the event.

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