Top 8 Update for #CellGames Week 1

Cell Games kicked off last Saturday with its first bout of preliminaries. We now have our first Top 8 lined up for tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8 P.M. Eastern Time.

For a glimpse into our first finals bracket for Cell Games, take a look at our Twitter post below!

With their entrance into Top 8, each player is guaranteed a minimum of fifty league points for their efforts. By breaking into Top 4 and above, however, they can not only increase their amount of points earned, but also earn a portion of the prize pool offered by Cell Games. Up to $275 in cash is awarded every week.

Our thanks go out to Mr Aquaman and EbonicPlague for providing commentary for our Week 1 matches! They will rejoin us this Tuesday for our first Cell Games finals, and we hope you will as well! If you are not already doing so, please follow us at and ensure that your email notifications are enabled.

Were you unable to tune in for our Week 1 pools? If the answer is yes, you need only look below for the complete archive from our YouTube page! Be warned: it's 5.5 hours long so you'll be here a while.

Cell Games is an eight-week circuit for DragonBall FighterZ played exclusively online, and it is brought to you by StreamMe! We congratulate our first eight finalists for their achievements and can't wait to see them return this Tuesday to close out the opening week! For those wishing to enter for Week 2, which takes place on April 14th, please visit

All Cell Games brackets take place online via the Playstation 4 console and restricted to North American participants only. If you haven't already, consider grabbing your copy of DragonBall FighterZ to join our events, which are completely free to enter!

Thank you to all who have participated and/or tuned in to Cell Games!

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