Gameplay Clip for #Splatoon2 's DLC single-player mode, Octo Expansion

Earlier in the year, Nintendo disclosed their announcement for an expansion pack that would be integrated into Splatoon 2 this summer: the Octo Expansion Pack.

Octo Expansion stars an Octoling named Agent 8, who wakes up in an underground hallway, suffering from amnesia. She must battle her way through a series of obstacles in order to reach the surface of Inkopolis.

Up to eighty new missions will be featured in Octo Expansion, each of which comes with challenges not featured in the main game. Should you complete Octo Expansion, you will unlock the Octoling as a playable character for the multiplayer mode, and will also gain the option to play as a male or female Octoling.

Yesterday, a leaked gameplay trailer for the Japanese version of Octo Expansion was shared via @SplatoonNews on Twitter. Check it out below!

You can pre-purchase the Octo Expansion DLC on the Nintendo eShop right now to gain access to Octo-themed gear for use in the main game. The DLC pack is priced at only $19.99 in the USA and $25.79 in Canada.

Splatoon 2 is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. For more information on Octo Expansion, see this page at

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