Participate in the 2v2 @Brawlhalla @StreamMe Championship on May 26-27 for a $4,000 Prize Pool!

Yesterday, Blue Mammoth Games announced a brand-new event for Year 3 of Brawlhalla Esports, one created via partnership between them and ourselves: the 2v2 StreamMe Championship!

Players from Europe and North America will be invited to participate in doubles brackets for their shot at a $4,000 prize pool, with half that amount being awarded to each region. The European brackets will take place on Saturday, May 26th at 5 P.M. CEST, whereas the North American bracket will follow up the next day at 3 P.M. Eastern.

Entry for both brackets is completely free and can be done at the following links:

- North American Bracket
- European Bracket

All matches for the 2v2 StreamMe Championship will be streamed directly from the StreamMe studio via It is recommended that you follow the channel and enable email notifications if you are interested in either participating or spectating!

The prize payout for both regions will be distributed at the following scale:

  • 1st - $1000 (50.00%)
  • 2nd - $400 (20.00%)
  • 3rd - $240 (12.00%)
  • 4th - $120 (6.00%)
  • 5/6th - $80 (4.00%)
  • 7/8th - $40 (2.00%)

If you recall, we previously hosted the Legend Series for the Brawlhalla community last year. The European and North American communities participated in singles and doubles brackets for their shot at a $6,000 prize pool. If you wish to relive the Legend Series, then check out this playlist from our YouTube page!

The third year for Brawlhalla Esports has up to $300,000 in prizes up for grabs across a selection of Brawlhalla tournaments this year! For example, six huge LAN events will be hosted at six DreamHack events across the globe, beginning with DreamHack Austin next month! The World Championship will take place in DreamHack Atlanta on November 16-18 and will feature up to $100,000 in prizes!

Details for upcoming DreamHack events can be reviewed at Tickets can also be purchased there.

Since Brawlhalla's release in 2015, the game has quickly evolved into a monster in the esports scene, spawning tons of high-profile events with staggering prize pools and solid developer support. Developed by Blue Mammoth Games, Brawlhalla is a platform-based fighter that pits a roster of mythical creatures and legendary warriors against one another across a selection of beautifully landscaped environments. The controls are very welcoming to both newcomers and veterans alike.

If you'd like to give the game a go for yourself, you can get it for free on either Playstation 4 or PC (Steam) at the links below. Content updates are released for both platforms every Wednesday.

Playstation Store - Brawlhalla
Steam Store (PC) - Brawlhalla

For further updates on Brawlhalla, follow our blog and @Brawlhalla on Twitter!

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