Taki CONFIRMED for #SOULCALIBURVI in leaked reveal trailer!

The next cast member for Soul Calibur 6's roster has been confirmed to be Taki, although her reveal was apparently done by accident.

The trailer was uploaded to a Japanese website (page not specified) sometime yesterday, but was removed shortly afterward. However, viewers have already captured the trailer, which is now being circulated around the Internet.

The trailer for Taki can be seen below.

Taki is a ninja fighter who prioritizes her mission above all other matters. Concealing all emotion, she seeks to fight evil by her own methods. She shows concern for any fighter connected to the Soul Edge, such as Sophitia, and warns them of the danger surrounding that weapon. She also raises her apprentice, Natsu, while being fully aware of the demon plaguing her charge's soul.

Taki made her debut in the Soul Calibur franchise in Soul Edge, which was renamed Soul Blade before its re-release on consoles in 1995 (it was initially an arcade game). The game was overshadowed by its sequel, which was considered the first "official" entry in the Soul Calibur series, and Taki appeared in that title as well.

Taki has reappeared in Soul Calibur 2 and 3, but was nowhere to be found in 4 and 5. She will finally make her return as a playable fighter in Soul Calibur 6, which releases this year for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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