#BBTAG Open Beta for #NintendoSwitch goes LIVE tonight for USA, Canada and Mexico

For all of you who are hopeful about getting a taste of the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle open beta on the Nintendo Switch, ArcSystemWorks has gone the distance to make your dreams a reality!

Tonight at 10 P.M. Pacific Time, the Nintendo Switch will have the open beta available via the eShop. An online demo will start its run tonight and last until the 14th of May, and it offers the following modes: Casual Lobby, Tactics Mode (Tutorial and Practice only) and a versus mode where you can battle a CPU opponent. All twenty of the base characters will be available in this demo.

Once the online demo closes on the 14th, an offline-only demo will fill the void. Minus the Casual Lobby mode, it will come with the modes previously offered, but only four characters will be playable this time. The offline-only demo will run up until the game's launch date, which is June 5th in the case of North America.

And the best part? It doesn't matter whether or not you pre-ordered your copy of BBTAG on the Switch, this beta will be open to EVERYBODY. However, it is available only in North America, including the USA, Canada and Mexico.

For the Playstation 4 users, the beta is underway for players who have already pre-ordered their copy. On May 12th, access will be open to everyone until the beta's conclusion, at which point it will be replaced by an offline-only demo with the same content featured on the Switch version.

Check out this clip below, which features special pre-match interactions between the cast members in Cross Tag Battle!

Along with the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, the final product is set to release on the PC (Steam) platform as well, but no details regarding a PC beta have surfaced at this time. For further updates, follow our blog and @ArcSystemWorksU on Twitter.

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