New @EsportsArena Branch opens in Oakland CA on May 12th!

The Esports Arena in Orange County is about to get itself a new neighbor over in Oakland, CA.

The first arena launched in 2015 as a 15,000-square-foot facility situated in Orange County. It has played host to a variety of video game competitions on a daily basis, while raising the bar for production quality and a healthy environment for gamers to thrive on. It has built and sustained countless audiences for a growing number of esports communities.

The second Esports Arena opened in Las Vegas near the end of March, as a highly successful attraction at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. It has quickly attracted regular visitors since its opening and is recognized as an unrivaled experience for casual and serious gamers alike. The Vegas branch is a 30,000-square-foot multilevel arena that comes equipped with a stage, an indoors restaurant, a production studio, telescopic seating and more.

Now, come this weekend, the third Esports Arena will be officially opening over at Oakland, raising California's number of arenas from one to two.

Esports Arena Oakland will be opening at the heart of Jack London Square, the city's waterfront business district. Like its sibling arenas, ESA Oakland features a state-of-the-art venue where the past meets the future. The venue will consist of a 16,000-square-foot facility that allows for high-quality esports and entertainment events.

One such event has already been hosted as a soft opening event for the Oakland arena. This event took place back in April and was called "Noods Noods Noods: Oakland Edition." Players from the Smash Melee and Wii-U communities were invited to partake in a series of singles brackets where thousands of dollars were on the line. The brackets featured approximately 200 players apiece.

The Melee bracket at Noods Noods Noods would be taken by Team Liquid's Hungrybox, whereas Smash 4 was dominated by Echo Fox MKLeo.

As you might have expected, a similar opening event is taking place for the Oakland arena's grand opening, and this one is called "Smash Royale." The event will host a lineup of titles, two of which will feature $500 pot bonuses provided by Esports Arena. The lineup consists of the following games:

- Smash 4 for Wii-U, Singles and Doubles ($500 pot bonus)
- Smash Melee, Singles and Doubles ($500 pot bonus)
- Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
- Fortnite (one-versus-one)

"How much is the venue fee?"

There is none. However, each game comes with an entry fee of $5 that will go towards the prize payout. To register for Smash Royale, simply visit

Once Oakland opens its doors this weekend, attendants can purchase ESA Oakland memberships to enjoy the Arena's attractions during its business hours. A standard membership serves as a recurring subscription that will cost $25 per month, whereas a one-time fee will be $50 for one month. Visitors can purchase a one-day pass for $20.

In addition, Esports Arena has introduced an all-new Elite Membership that extends to guests at both the Orange County and Oakland locations! For $40 a month, or $420 per year, elite members will get free access to both arenas, along with additional benefits listed in the Twitter post below.

As the first dedicated esports facility in North America, Esports Arena has surpassed expectations to become recognized as a leading brand in the gaming industry. As previously mentioned, the Arena has hosted many events that left the fondest of memories branded into our hearts, including the "Battle of the Gods" DBFZ Invitational where the English voice actors for Goku and Vegeta, Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat, battled it out in a glorious exhibition, where the Prince of Saiyans emerged victorious.

As of 2018, Nevada and California now share a total of three Esports Arenas that have quickly attracted a healthy following. Oakland's Smash Royale is brought to you in part by Esports Arena and the following companies:

- LG Electronics
- Intel Corporation
- TechniSport
- EVGA Corporation
- Red Bull Esports

For more updates, follow @EsportsArena on Twitter as well as their official website!

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