.@dekillsage from @echofoxgg has been voted into #SummitofPower!

Today, the first of five Z Fighters was welcomed graciously into Summit of Power, a DBFZ invitational brought to you by @BeyondTheSummit!

That player is Echo Fox's Jon "@dekillsage" Coello, who was recently welcomed into the crew almost a month ago as a DBFZ/MvCi player! Like the entirety of the crew, dekillsage boasts a history of competing across multiple titles at a high number of events, including multiple Top 2 finishes at Combo Breakers 2015 and 2016 for Skullgirls.

dekillsage will now join ten other players in Los Angeles next month to participate for a prize pool of $10,000 at Summit of Power. The event is scheduled to take place on June 8-10, though the venue has yet to be specified.

Four more players remain to be determined by way of voting, and all of them will be locked in this week. In fact, the next two winners will be announced tomorrow at 2 P.M. Pacific Time, and the other two will be voted in the next day (Wednesday).

As of now, UYU Cloud805 and PsrK BeyondToxin are currently in the best position to qualify for the Summit, whereas CLN Yohosie and NRG Supernoon are taking up the rear at 4th and 5th place respectively. There is also currently a gap of around 900 votes separating Supernoon from Lord Knight, who is currently at sixth place.

There is still time to get your votes in so you can decide the destinies of four more players! To do so, you need only make a donation to BeyondTheSummit or purchase merchandise via their compendium. Both tasks can be performed at this link.

Also worth noting that by taking part in the voting process, you are also increasing the base prize pool for Summit of Power, which is now sitting at over $12,000! Your votes truly do matter with this event, so get them in before the voting process ends this Wednesday!

For further updates, please follow our blog and BeyondTheSummit on Twitter.

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