Final Registration Numbers for Combo Breaker 2018 (#CB2018)

Today, registration for Combo Breaker 2018 came to a close.

Updates on which games had the highest numbers of entrants were provided throughout the year since registration opened, but it is only after the closing of late registration that we are given the exact numbers to work with. The Combo Breaker team has now made those numbers available for review, as well as the names of players registered for each game.

The final player counts for CB 2018 are available in their Twitter post below.

When you add the numbers up, that gives you a total of 4,112 entrants, made up of players entering from multiple continents and all fifty states of the United States of America.

Yes. All fifty states. That is not a troll.

That's a historical milestone for a truly stacked event with the potential to set records in not just the fighting game community, but overall esports. While there are some entrants who have entered more than one game, that likely does little to decrease such a strong number.

Combo Breaker has grown continuously every year in player numbers, volunteers, and of course, the quality of their venue. It was only just last year that they opted to relocate to the Mega Center, which houses a 50,000-square foot expo center and ballroom, multiple resort food options, concert staging, and best of all, 24/7 availability!

To give you an indicator of Combo Breaker's growth, let's draw a quick comparison between its numbers form last year and this year's numbers. Taken from, see below for a combination of last year's counts and the changes from this year.

- Street Fighter V had 654 entrants last year. This year, it has 676 (up by 22 players)
- Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 had 319 entrants last year. This year, it has 337 (up by 18 players)
- Tekken 7 had 180 entrants last year. This year, it has 472 (up by a whopping 292 players)
- BlazBlue: Central Fiction had 132 entrants last year. This year, it has 140 (up by 8 players)
- this year marks Dragonball FighterZ's first appearance at Combo Breaker, and it leads over the entire lineup with the most players with 744 entrants!
- after being absent for four years, Mortal Kombat 9 makes a return with 74 entrants

These are just a portion of the samples that could be listed here, but a strong enough indicator regardless.

Combo Breaker has also begun to creep across the media's headlights in recent years, along with other high-profile events like CEO and EVO. As the fighting game community is beginning to attract recognition from all corners of the media, attendance at FGC events has continued to skyrocket. With the entire USA in attendance, that's a big step up the ladder.

We are truly excited to see how the event runs its course this year. For those unaware, Combo Breaker takes place in Illinois at the Mega Center, which is found at the Pheasant Run Resort, on May 25-27, 2018.

Included among Combo Breaker's attendants is a collection of the strongest names trekking across the competitive community. Those players include Echo Fox Justin Wong, PG Infiltration, RB Luffy, UYU qudans, Echo Fox SonicFox, Allegiance Dragon, FF ElvenShadow...and a lot more. You can check out the players that have registered by going to this link.

For further updates, please follow @ComboBreakerFGC on Twitter and their website.

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