Top 8 Update for #CellGames Week 5

Z Fighters, our Cell Games series resumes tonight at 8 P.M. EST with our Week 5 Top 8!

In case you missed out, the series took a temporary hiatus after Week 4 as Texas Showdown would be taking place last weekend. Now that the event is behind us, we're back to bringing you memorable matches in Dragonball FighterZ. In fact, Week 5 marks the first of many matches to be played using the game's latest patch (patch notes can be found here).

Week 5's top 8 features an overwhelmingly large number of fresh talent standing poised to create a shake-up in the standings. However, two of the current Top 8 in the standings, Acts1631 and FluxWaveZ, will be present to defend their position against six newcomers, one of which will be immediately recognized by the NetherRealm Studios community.

As the Week 4 champion is not present to defend his crown, nor are any of our previous winners, the crowning of a new champion is inevitable! The only question is, which Z Fighter will prevail in the Cell Games Arena?!

That answer will come to light at tonight, at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. Follow the channel and enable email notifications for your account so that you will not be missing out on anything!

Missed out on the Week 5 preliminaries? You can catch up by watching our YouTube archive linked below.

A quick thanks to @MisterAquaman and @ultradavid for providing commentary! They will return tonight to cast the Week 5 finals, and we hope you will join us as well to spectate!

Important to note that sign-ups for the next week of Cell Games do not open until after the conclusion of the preceding week's finals. We will update you when Week 6 sign-ups are available. Also worth noting that after Week 5, we will have only three weekly brackets left before locking in our finalists for the conclusion of the Cell Games series!

Thank you to everybody thus far for supporting Cell Games, whether it be by your participation or your viewership! Join us for our Week 5 finals tonight! :)

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