Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI comes to #DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT later this June!

The next DLC fighter has been announced for Square Enix's latest fighting game sensation, DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT.

That character is Locke Cole, a stealthy treasure hunter featured in Final Fantasy VI. His playstyle in DISSIDIA is a faithful recreation of his thieving abilities, enabling him to steal either a recovery item or a piece of equipment from his opponent. Should he obtain the latter, he'll be given options to perform a powerful combat technique.

His reveal trailer can be seen in both the Twitter post and YouTube clip below.

Locke Cole is scheduled to be added to the roster later this June.

DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT is a tag fighter that pits teams of Final Fantasy characters against one another across a selection of beautifully detailed backgrounds. Players will utilize 3D movement and combat systems to create deadly tag combinations that will turn the tide of battle. It initially released years ago as an arcade-only title in Japan, but it has finally made the transition to the Playstation 4 console as of January 2018.

For further updates, follow our blog, @FinalFantasy and the official DISSIDIA website.

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