Next Two Players for #SummitofPower Voted In: @LordKnightBB and @cloud805

The next two competitors for Summit of Power have been voted in, and they are LordKnight and UYU cloud805!

Before Dragonball FighterZ dropped, cloud 805 defeated EG NYChrisG at the Battle for the Stones invitational, which took place alongside Capcom Cup 2017 at the Playstation Experience in Los Angeles. As such, when he picked up the latest tag fighter to hit the scene, Cloud was intimately familiar with how to utilize teamwork mechanics to his advantage, a factor that has taken him far in the DBFZ competitive scene. He would eventually be signed into UYU, a worldwide organization that has begun expanding into multiple corners of the FGC.

As for LordKnight, he was one of four players to be invited to Battle of the Gods, a four-player invitational where high-level gameplay for DBFZ would be showcased for the first time. The event took place at the primary Esports Arena in Orange County, CA, right as the game launched for multiple platforms worldwide. Now that the game is in full swing this year, LordKnight has continued to hold his own.

Both will now have their skills put to the ultimate test against fourteen other players at the Summit of Power, a 16-player championship event where the best Dragonball FighterZ player will be crowned. It will occur on June 8-10 in Los Angeles CA.

In addition to cloud805 and LordKnight, eleven other players have been welcomed to the Summit, including dekillsage who was just voted in yesterday. That leaves three more slots to fill, and two of those will be occupied by the last two winners of the voting phase, which closes tomorrow at 2 P.M. Pacific Time.

The four remaining candidates are:

- PsrK BeyondToxin
- CLN Yohosie
- Ponos moke
- NRG Supernoon

Do you want to see any of these four players at the Summit next month? Then hit up this link and submit your votes! As a reminder, you can earn votes for every $2 you donate to the cause, whether it's a direct contribution or for a purchase of any merchandise from the Summit's Compendium.

Also an update on the Summit's prize pool: it initially started at a $10,000 base value, but that amount has been increased due to the voters' efforts. It now stands at over $16,000. The final value for the prize pool will be determined when voting closes tomorrow.

We'll provide you with another update once the voting phase comes to an end. Until then, follow our blog and @BeyondTheSummit on Twitter for updates!

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