Final Two Players Voted into #SummitofPower: @yohosiefgc and @lllmokelll

The voting phase for Summit of Power has come to an explosive conclusion today.

Tension increased as voting counts rapidly increased during the final stretches of the voting process. Counts jumped by ten, a hundred, sometimes a thousand votes at a time, rapidly shifting the balance of the Top 3, all the way up until the moment voting closed.

We now have the final two players locked in for the Summit, and they are CLN @yohosiefgc and Ponos @lllmokelll

Congratulations to these two, as well as the other three players who were voted in this week! They will join ten other champions in a live showdown that will take place on June 8-10!

The complete list of players confirmed for the Summit of Power is as follows:

- Echo Fox SonicFox
- NRG HookGangGod
- Echo Fox dekillsage
- EG NYChrisG
- PG Nakkiel
- CAG Dogura
- ApologyMan
- GGP Kazunoko
- TSM Leffen
- Reynald
- CLN Yohosie
- Ponos moke
- Lord Knight
- UYU cloud805

That's fifteen players in total. However, Summit of Power consists of a 16-player bracket, which means that one more slot must be filled.

By whom, you ask? The winner of Dragonball FighterZ at Combo Breaker 2018, which takes place in Illinois at the Mega Center next month. Upon closure of the event's registration, it was revealed that DBFZ pulled in 744 players...which is more than phenomenal for its debut this year!

However, only one of those players will be snagging the last spot for Summit of Power, so expect tensions to spiral out of control when it comes time for Combo Breaker to unfold next weekend! For more information on CB, please visit

For anybody wanting an idea of just how neck-and-neck the final stage of voting got, below is a graphic illustrating just that. It explains the shifts in the vote counts for each candidate spanning back as far as the last 24 hours, up to the final counts.

The graphic itself tells an epic story.

What is Summit of Power? It is an invitational event where the sixteen best Dragonball FighterZ players in the world will be invited to compete for bragging rights and a prize pool, brought to you by @BeyondTheSummit, a company taking huge strides in the promotion of esports. They have been supporting similar events for other titles such as Smash Melee and Street Fighter V. BTS was founded in 2012 as a DOTA 2 casting project, and they have since expanded in staff and the number of titles supported.

The entire event will be broadcast by BTS themselves in Los Angeles on June 8-10. Currently, fifteen players have been locked in for the Summit, so all that remains is for the final spot to be awarded to the DBFZ champion at Combo Breaker. We highly recommend tuning in when it happens as you won't want to miss out!

You can learn more about BTS and Summit of Power at @BeyondTheSummit and

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