Potential Teaser for a new Mortal Kombat title at #E32018?

Every two years, the NetherRealm Studios community is blessed with a new fighting game. For its competitive side, each release beckons a new story that tells inspiring tales, such as the ESL MKX Pro League and the ongoing Injustice 2 Pro Series.

Since the release of Mortal Kombat 9 in 2011, which also marked the "birth" of NRS itself, this pattern has continued for up to four games. Every game has released in April after every two years, save for Injustice 2 which released in May 2017.

And so far, it looks like NRS has yet to break that trend. Upon the beginning of this week, an image surfaced on Twitter, catching the eyes of Mortal Kombat fans everywhere.

The above image was shared two days ago by @wyp100, who is the deputy editor of EuroGamer. It depicts a logo that is not unlike the one seen in Mortal Kombat X, but this one features an interesting blend of white and black for the dragon logo itself, as well as what appears to be a background consisting of a stone wall.

That alone may not be enough to convince you that this is a sign of things to come, but it's worth noting that this image broke the surface after a confirmation that Warner Bros. would be in attendance at E3 2018, which takes place in Los Angeles on June 12-14. While NRS itself has not confirmed their attendance, they are a subsidiary company to WB, so WB's presence at E3 could very well include the NRS team. Additionally, ESL, who brought you the MKX Pro League and is currently supporting the Injustice 2 Pro Series, will be at E3, likely to discuss the Pro Series itself and perhaps the plans for a similar league revolving around the next MK title, if such a game is revealed this year.

Also, Mr. Ed Boon, creative director of NetherRealm, has recently been dropping Twitter posts that have sparked the curiousity of Mortal Kombat fans everywhere...see some examples below.

With E3 just under a month away, the fact that Mr. Boon is dropping posts like these at this time could be entirely coincidental...or perhaps we are like fishermen, struggling to catch the fish we've dearly wanted to catch.

This article does not confirm that a new Mortal Kombat will in fact be revealed at E3, but it's difficult to dismiss that possibility at this time, especially given the timeline NRS has followed when releasing their games. With the Legendary Edition of Injustice 2 now available, it is presumed to be the final version of the legendary DC fighting game, although the NRS team will likely continue to implement updates where necessary.

What is E3? Once per year, digital worlds meet real innovation. The video game industry is celebrated annually at the Los Angeles Convention Center in June, providing gamers with an opportunity to connect with those responsible for paving the way to a gamer's fondest memories. Numerous companies including Warner Bros., Square Enix, Activision and so on will be present at E3 to excite us with what is to come for their projects.

To keep up with updates regarding E3, or to grab your ticket for the event, please visit www.e3expo.com.

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