Leaked Reveal Trailer for Yoshimitsu in #SOULCALIBURVI

Oops! Looks like another leak regarding Soul Calibur VI has been caught!

Today, a gameplay trailer for the next returning cast member in SC6 was uploaded by Playstation Europe, but it has since been removed. However, fans have been quick on the uptake, and it has now been re-uploaded to YouTube on multiple channels, much like when Taki's reveal trailer was accidentally leaked.

Yoshimitsu is a crazed demonic fighter wielding a blade that shares his name. Like the remainder of the cast, he's been a key figure in the franchise since the first Soul Calibur. He leads a clan called the "Manji," which consists of warriors who all share their master's image.

The trailer for Yoshimitsu's reveal can be seen below.

Soul Calibur VI was revealed at last year's Game Awards Show as the latest installation to the legendary 3D weapons-based fighter developed by Bandai Namco. After almost six years, the sixth installment continues a long-forgotten legacy, bringing together veteran characters, new fighters and guest characters from other franchises. It arrives to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

Source: iplaywinner.com

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