Participate in the #SF30th Anniversary Tournament Series at #CEO2018, #SCR2018 and @CanadaCupGaming

This year, the past of Street Fighter meets the future.

Last week, Capcom dropped an announcement that is sure to appease Street Fighter veterans everywhere. With the upcoming release of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, a portion of its lineup will be given the red carpet at a selection of major events this year.

Each event will feature one title from the SF Anniversary Collection, and a $7,000 prize pool will be split across the Top 8 of each bracket. Three such events will be tied to this all-new tournament series: the #SF30th Anniversary Tournament Series.

Which events, you ask?

- CEO 2018 will feature a bracket for Super Street Fighter II Turbo called the Grand Master Challenger, where players will compete in 3/5 sets to determine who will become the Grand Master.

- SCR 2018 will feature a bracket for Street Fighter Alpha 3 called Dramatic Battle. Players will participate in a standard tournament format of 2/3, and the Top 8 finalists will partake in 3/5 sets to determine the champion.

- Canada Cup 2018 will feature a bracket for 3rd Strike Street Fighter III called Fight for the Future. It will follow the same format as that of SCR 2018's Dramatic Battle.

It should be noted that the SF30th Anniversary Tournament Series is in no way tied to the Capcom Pro Tour, which supports the series's latest iteration, Street Fighter V. For further information regarding the Anniversary Series, visit

Prize payout for each event in the Anniversary Tournament Series is as follows:

1st Place: $3,500
2nd Place: $1,400
3rd Place: $700
4th Place: $560
5th Place: $280 (each)
7th Place: $140 (each)

As for the 30th Anniversary Collection itself, it releases on May 29th for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. It features up to twelve titles that make up the classic Street Fighter series, four of which have been given the feature for network play! Players will also be able to dive into a gallery of artwork, music, character bios, and a timeline that makes up the complete history of Street Fighter.

Should you pre-order your copy for any platform aside from the Switch, you'll receive a free copy of Ultra Street Fighter IV to go along with the 30th Anniversary Collection! To pre-order your copy right now, visit

Just as the 30th Anniversary Collection celebrates the life and joy of the Street Fighter franchise, so does the 30th Anniversary Tournament Series celebrate the history of the community surrounding Street Fighter. Legends were born from heart-stopping moments involving these titles, such as Daigo's legendary parry comeback against Justin Wong at EVO 2004. This moment would be former immortalized and remembered as EVO Moment #37.

Whether you're a veteran eager to return to the "good old days," or a new player looking to appreciate the history of the franchise you enjoy, you won't want to miss out on the SF30th Anniversary Tournament Series! If you have yet to register, consider doing so at the following links.

- CEO 2018, Grand Master Challenge (SSF2 Turbo)
- SCR 2018, Dramatic Battle (SFA3)
- Canada Cup 2018, Fight for the Future (3rd Strike)

For further updates regarding Street Fighter, follow our blog and @StreetFighter on Twitter.

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