Team @MnTEsports signs @Thompxsonn and @NycFab

With the summer season within arm's reach, Mentality Esports has scooped up two established players into their ranks.

The first of these players is Deion Thompson, known by the Killer Instinct community as Thompxson. He's been an active KI player since the game launched alongside the Xbox One in November 2013, but it wasn't until near the end of Season 2's lifespan that he started to tip the scales, qualifying for the 2016 World Cup. He did likewise in Season 3, by taking Jago to the top at a stacked number of events such as Combo Breaker 2016, CEO 2016 and SoCal Regionals 2016.

Now that Thompson is sporting the Mentality banner, he has confirmed his attendance for Combo Breaker and CEO this year. Both events have a $15,000 pot bonus for Killer Instinct up for grabs, and we have the KI Ultra Tour to thank for these amazing contributions.

As for Nyc Fab, he previously represented Virtual Storm before making the transition to Mentality Esports. Fab made his debut as a competitive player back in Evolution 2005, and he has since been a mainstay in the Tekken competitive scene. He scraped Top 8 finishes in Tekken 7 at CEO 2017 and DreamHack Denver 2017, along with a Top 4 finish at ELEAGUE's Tekken Team Takedown, which took place in March 2018.

Both will represent the best of Killer Instinct and Tekken as players for Mentality Esports. We wish them both the best and offer due props to the organization for such solid pick-ups!

You can check out both Thompson and Fab's interviews for Mentality Esports at the links below:

Mentality signs Thompxson
Mentality signs NycFab

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