Final Two Players confirmed for #ELEAGUESFV Invitational 2018: @cmdrjesse and @JonaaB_

When the ELEAGUE SFV 2018 invitational was announced earlier this year, the Street Fighter community waited anxiously to learn which players would be welcomed to ELEAGUE's glorious arena in June to participate for bragging rights and their share of $250,000.

Along with the invitational, a reality show series called ELEAGUE SFV The Challenger was announced. Every Friday on TBS, seven players would undergo a journey to earn their spot in the ELEAGUE invitational, which kicks off in June with the first group playoffs. With each episode of The Challenger, that number would decrease as players knocked each other out.

Before the series began airing on TBS, up to 22 players confirmed via Twitter that they were invited by ELEAGUE to participate in the 2018 invitational. Many of these players would be returning from last year's invitational to either defend their throne (Echo Fox Punk) or start anew on their journey to become the champion.

The players are as follows:

Daigo Umehara
Echo Fox Tokido
801 Strider
Echo Fox Punk
Echo Fox Justin Wong
Mr ProblemX
PR Balrog
- RB Luffy
RISE SmugDaBeast
RB Snake Eyez
Echo Fox Momochi
- PG Infiltration

Weeks went by without any word from who would be the 23rd player for ELEAGUE. This eventually caught the community's attention, and questions would be asked constantly. Finally, the plot twist became evident: both of the remaining finalists in ELEAGUE's The Challenger would be welcomed to the 2018 Invitational, not just the Grand Champion.

As the finale for The Challenger came to a resounding close on TBS last Friday, the final two players for the Invitational were locked in. They are Commander Jesse and Jonas B. We congratulate both of these players for earning the amazing opportunity to compete against the best Street Fighter V players that the world has to offer!

These twenty-four players will be divided into four groups, each of which will feature six players. Those players will then compete against one another with the goal of being the last two survivors, both of whom will proceed to the final playoffs to compete for $250,000. ELEAGUE will feature playoffs for one group each Friday in June, and all of them will be broadcast live via ELEAGUE's social media and the TBS network.

Once playoffs for all groups are complete, the last remaining eight players will proceed to a double elimination bracket scheduled for July 13th. These two will be aired via ELEAGUE's social media and TBS.

ELEAGUE broke into the Street Fighter V scene last year via the introduction of their first invitational, to which thirty-two players were invited to participate in group playoffs in the hopes of qualifying for the finale. The victory was claimed by Victor "Punk" Woodley, who'd played under Panda Global's banner at the time. He will make his return this year, this time playing the role of a fox, to not only add to his streak but also more cash to his bank. Eyes will be on him to see if he defends his crown or forfeits it to a successor.

Looking to relive the epic conclusion to the first SFV Invitational? See the Grand Finals with Punk and Phenom in the video below.

Also keep in mind that the ELEAGUE x BattleFy Street Fighter V Open series will continue with a second season next month. Players will compete in online brackets that are classified by region, specifically the Western and Eastern halves of the USA. At the end of both seasons, the champions of both regions will be flown out to participate in a Grand Championship playoff at the ELEAGUE arena in Atlanta GA.

To participate in the ELEAGUE x BattleFy series, you must be at least thirteen and able to play Street Fighter V online on either the Playstation 4 or PC platform. Then, head to this page to register.

The 2017 ELEAGUE SFV Invitational proved to play a significant role in the FGC's journey to network television, as it became the second-most viewed esports event to be broadcast by ELEAGUE. With their expansion in content, such as The Challenger and the open series by BattleFy, we are most likely looking at another huge stride up the ladder. Be sure to tune in to the 2018 SFV Invitational when it kicks off on June 1st!

If you're hoping to spectate the event at the ELEAGUE arena in Georgia, consider grabbing your tickets for each group playoff here.

For further updates concerning ELEAGUE, please follow @ELEAGUETV and

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