Week 6 for #CellGames delayed until June 2-4

Due to a low turnout for Week 6 of Cell Games, we have opted to delay the event for another two weeks, up till June 2-4.

This decision was made with regards to the fact that Combo Breaker 2018 is scheduled to take place this incoming weekend at the Mega Center in Illinois. As we are in full support of the event, we are willing to make accommodations so that players will not be forced to choose between both. Twitter users are encouraged to follow the event at @ComboBreakerFGC for updates as they are provided.

Like with all weekly brackets for Cell Games, the schedule for Week 6 is subject to change. Should we be required to make an adjustment again, we will update you accordingly. In the meantime, please consider signing up at this link.

For those who are just becoming aware of Cell Games, we'd like to bring you up to speed on what has transpired so far.

Cell Games is a weekly series where players compete in Dragonball FighterZ online with the objective of collecting league points. These points will go towards their overall standings in the Cell Games leaderboards and are awarded to the Top 32 each week. Cell Games will last up to eight weeks before it reaches a conclusion, at which point the current Top 8 will be invited to participate in a season finale with approximately $3,000 on the line.

Note: this prize pool will be split across all finalists in the season finale!

Five weeks have taken place so far and were won by the following players. Articles for each weekly bracket's results will be linked alongside the winning players' names.

- Week 1: OrochiFame96
- Week 2: BxA Odfullauto
- Week 3: yes_im_black
- Week 4: OrochiFame96
- Week 5: Dadpool

An extremely interesting factor to note is that the current Top 8 for Cell Games includes players who have yet to win a weekly bracket, but are currently holding more points than those who do have some wins under their belt. In the case of FluxedWaveZ, who is sitting at the top with 400 league points, he has yet to claim a bracket, but has appeared in every single Top 8 from the first week all the way to Week 5. OrochiFame96, who has won Weeks 1 and 4, is trailing Flux by a mere one-hundred points.

See below for a graphic depicting the current standings for Cell Games.

Perhaps like these players, you play Dragonball FighterZ. Perhaps a part of you believes that you can throw these guys for a loop. Perhaps the idea of appearing in the season finale appeals to you.

If the above paragraph describes you, we encourage you to sign up! Be advised, however, that our events are open only to North American players (Canada and USA) and will take place online via the Playstation 4 console. Players of all ages are welcome to enter, and there is no entry fee for any bracket.

Of course, reading about the course of events in a competitive series is one thing, but seeing the matches that took place is another matter entirely. That's why we would like to point out that all brackets for Cell Games will be streamed live at www.stream.me/dbz. Preliminaries for each bracket will occur on Saturdays at 6 P.M. EST, whereas Top 8 finals will follow on Mondays at 8 P.M. EST. We recommend following the page and ensuring that your email notifications are enabled so that you don't miss out on our broadcasts when they happen (you will need to create an account on StreamMe in order to do this).

In addition, for newcomers who don't prefer to leave matches up to the imagination, we've made it a point to archive the preliminaries and finals for each weekly bracket at our YouTube channel. Give it a look to get started!

Speaking of our YouTube channel, we're happy to note that it has just broken the 10,000-subscriber mark! Many thanks to all of our supporters and we hope to continue bringing you content that you enjoy!

To our current followers, we greatly appreciate your support of the series since its opening week, and we hope you will join us again when Week 6 kicks off. For the time being...enjoy Combo Breaker! :)

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